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Evaluation Results of Thai Journals from TCI Center (2020, Jan 10)

We are pleased to announce that Journal of Rattana Bundit University already received the results of the Quality Assessment of the academic journals in the 4th round of the TCI database. JRBAC has been included in the Tier 2 journal group of the TCI database.

We would like to thank JRBAC executive board, past editor in chief, editorial board and staff, reviewers, members of JRBAC, and all researchers for their kind contribution and support to JRBAC.

Welcome your additional papers for publication

ISSN 2697-519X (online) in process
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Call for papers

JRBAC is accepting the original research articles. Academic articles and review articles in the humanities and social sciences covering the subjects of Business Administration, Management, Accounting, Logistics, Public Administration, Law, Liberal Arts, Arts, Communication Arts, Education, Information Technology for Management are also welcomed.

Those  interested can submit original articles in both Thai and English. Original articles will be published and must be prepared in accordance with the academic journal standards as specified by the JRBAC

Schedule of issues in 6 months (2 issues per year) No. 1 January – June and No. 2 July – December

All submissions will be evaluated based on their academic and methodological validity and robustness of research. As an open-access journal, all articles will be immediately and permanently available for authors and readers to read, download, cite, and share.


Journal Office:
Academic Affairs, Rattana Bundit University
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